Become a Chabad of Cary Shareholder

2016 Complete Budget — See Here

Fundraising Budget - $125,000

250 Shares of $500

Chabad of Cary has no formal membership. Everyone who is interested in exploring Judaism and who wants to experience the joy of being Jewish is welcome. Even our High Holiday Services do not require membership or tickets. Walk into a class or Shabbat Service and you will immediately feel at home.

We have always made it a number one priority that anyone and everyone feels welcome regardless of their ability to pay or contribute. This remains our mission.

We are supported by those who appreciate the positive Jewish experiences that Chabad of Cary brings to our community. Although any donation is deeply appreciated, the bulk of our budget is raised through our “Shareholders" or Chai Club.

Each “share”is a pledge to donate $500 this calendar year. You can donate a single share or multiple shares. Payments can be made annually (one-time payment), monthly or throughout the year, including donations before holidays or Yahrzeits.

It is your participation in our Shareholders Programthat allows us to cover our everyday expenses, including rent, utilities, programming, ticket-free High Holiday Services, and salary. Our community relies upon every individual to take part in this important Mitzvah. We thank you for partnering with us in our effort to create a warm and inviting home for every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation, to experience and explore our Jewish heritage. Together, we can truly transform the Jewish landscape.

Please join the Shareholder Program or Chai Club by filling out the form found here and submitting it to Chabad of Cary, PO Box 3372, Cary, NC 27519. You can also scan and em ail the information to The form need not be filled out if you do not wish to have Yarzeit reminders in the mail from Chabad of Cary.

Online payments can then be made here.