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Late-Night Learning

Late-Night Learning



Please join us for "All-Night Learning" for the Holiday of Shavuot!

3328 years ago, we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai and we re-live this experience each year on Shavuot. There is an ancient Jewish custom to stay up the night of Shavuot in study - What better way to prepare and show our excitement for the Torah.

For the last several years, we had a beautiful Shavuot program in which men and women from the community gave brief talks on the ten commandments. This year, we continue the tradition and we're looking forward to a stimulating and enjoyable evening of study.

We are looking for volunteers to prepare short 5 minute talks on Torah themes. Please email RabbiYisroel@chabadofcary.org and you will be sent the complete list of suggested topics to choose from as well as possible sources from which to prepare.

It would be especially meaningful to discuss a Mitzvah that affects you in some way -- whether in your occupation or a hobby that you may have.

For the second part of the program, we have an exciting new form of Talmud Study using original texts to discover the Torah's ruling in a fascinating historical case.

Shavout Schedule at Chabad of Cary

Saturday Evening, June 11th @ 8:00pm

Special Program: Five minute presentations by community Members on Torah Mitzvot and how it applies in out lives today.

8:00 pm

First Session of short presentations by community members

9:00 pm


9:20 pm

Kiddush and Delicious Shavout Buffet

9:45 pm

Sold at Sotheby's - Talmud Study Session

10:45 pm

Class by Rabbi Yisroel . The Eternal Lesson of Ruth

11:45 pm

What do you want to Study???