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Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn


Skip the corporate lunch and have a real power lunch over Torah and delicious kosher Bagels/spreads



Lunch and Learn will resume after Passover 

During your lunch break, why not feed your soul as well as your body? Take some time out of a busy workday to study a bit of Torah over a kosher lunch.

Each Tuesday from 11:45 - 12:30 pm, we take 45 minutes to explore relevant Jewish topics using ancient wisdom to guide us in a modern society. We study one section in the weekly Torah Portion along with classic commentaries and mystical teachings, seeing how the Parsha sheds relevance and insight in our lives today.

The monthly lunch at 140 Towerview Court, conveniently located, is guaranteed to be a peaceful break in the midst of a fast-paced work day.  

Great food.
Great people.
Great topics.

See you there!



Date: Every Tuesday 11:45- 12:30
Location:140 Towerview ct 
No Cost - DonationS Appreciated

P: 919.651.9710
E: info@chabadofcary.org
W: www.chabadofcary.org

  • RSVP via email is appreciated
  • Each Class is a stand-alone topic 


Tuesday, February 21, 2017
G‑d?s Custodians
The Highest Form of Giving
Judaism places a strong emphasis on charity: everything comes from G‑d, so use what you have as He would want. But why doesn’t G‑d just give each person their appropriate share of wealth, rather than creating a world where some people are wealthy and others are in need?

Tue, Feb 28, 2017
An Eye for An Eye
Why mean something different than what is said?

 An exploration behind the Oral Traditions's understanding of this well-known verse together with the obvious question "So why say it is this way?"

What follows will be an fascinating concept that lies at the heart of legal system Judaism. 

Class 1 Tuesday, March 7, 2017
The Solution to Antisemitism
Combating Hatred with Jewish Pride
Haman in the Purim story was neither the first nor the last to seek a “final solution,” G‑d forbid. What is it about the Jewish people that the Hamans in each generation simply cannot tolerate? It is crucial for us to understand what really lies behind the hate to be able to address it properly.
Class 1 Tuesday, March 14, 2017
The Cycle of Sin
Is Something Wrong with Us?
We’ve all made the firm decision to abandon a bad habit or behavior, only to slip right back into it sometime later. Why can’t we just get it right? It turns out that we are purposely wired to be imperfect. If we only seize the moment, we can turn our most dismal failures into the greatest achievements.