___________________Tuesday, May 30, 2017________________

Please join us for "All-Night Learning" for the Holiday of Shavuot!

3328 years ago, we received the Torah at Mt. Sinai and we re-live this experience each year on Shavuot. There is an ancient Jewish custom to stay up the night of Shavuot in study - What better way to prepare and show our excitement for the Torah. 


  Your Torah Ideas

Worth Sharing

For over 3300 years Jews have been studying and expounding the wisdom of Torah. This Shavuot, add your voice to this unbroken narrative. Come present or hear Torah Ideas Worth Sharing.



email info@chabadofcary.org to RSVP 

TEDShavuot features a series of ten-minute power talks, showcasing important Jewish ideas that change attitudes and lives. These talks are designed to educate, illuminate, challenge and inspire.


 email Rabbi Yisroel at yc@chabadofcary.org or call 919-651-9710 for more information

Have a Torah Idea worth spreading? Submit your idea and you might be selected to present your 10 minute Torah  TED Talk. Don't have any great ideas... come hear some from others. We are thrilled for you to join this uplifting event.


Chabad of Cary 

909 Reedy Creek Rd

Tuesday, May 30

Begins @ 8:00 PM 

Come and Go As You Like

Delicious Buffet

Free Admission