Let another know you were thinking of them!


We are happy to announce that beautiful “notification of donation” cards will now be sent out to the family in whose honor a donation was made for a special occasion. This is a meaningful way to let someone know you were thinking of them and marked their occasion with a donation to Chabad of Cary.

There are currently cards for “Mazel Tov”, “Wishing you a Speedy Recovery,” and “Our Condolences,” and the cards will be personalized and sent out by Chabad of Cary after receiving a donation for another's special occasion. When making a donation, please make sure to clearly mark the occasion as well as the address of the family to notify if they are not already in our database.

Upon completing the form you will notice a link to our donate page.  

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Name of Recipient
Name in whose honor/memory card is being sent

Notes - (Please also include address of recepient if card is being send to someone outside our community whose address we do not have)