For Simchas and other special occasions, here are some options for adding on to our regular Kiddush Menus

Please note:  We work very hard to be able to offer our delicious menus at affordable prices but we are unable to change from our regular menus. We kindly ask that you take care of any extras through one of the options below and not  ask our Kiddush Team - Thank you for understanding!

Kosher Caterer-   Atara Harari  can be reached at 713-505-9172.  Atara can prepare the entire Shabbat Kiddush or Friday Night Dinner as well as just make additions to our menus.  Her prices include kosher supervision from Rabbi Yisroel.  You can pay extra for Atara to bring and prepare everything at the Chabad House or bring the food yourself from North Raleigh before Shabbat.

Suggestions of Kosher Foods to Buy and Bring Yourself: 

Dips: Some suggestions include Hummus and Guacamole which is is available with an OU kosher symbol at most grocery stores.  Whitefish is available at BJ's. Please ask all kosher questions to Rabbi Yisroel.

Bagels: The Bagels at FRESH MARKET are kosher and can be used at Chabad of Cary.

Cakes: Trader Joes has kosher babka and black and white Cookies. BJ's frequently sells other kosher baked goods.  For a wider selection of kosher cakes and cookies, we recommend ordering online from The food arrives fresh and shipping is free from $40.

Adding Wine: Chabad of Cary will supply basic kosher wine. If you'd like to add additional wines, Trader Joes and stores like Total Wine sell a variety of kosher wine. The bottle must be kosher and marked as MEVUSHAL. Please contact Rabbi Yisroel with any questions.

Paper Goods: Kiddush prices include all paper-ware.  If you'd like something more than our basis plates/cups/, feel free to purchase yourself.