Tashlich at Carpenter Park 

Tuesday Oct 1- 6:15 pm 

tashlich.jpgFamilies of all backgrounds will join together for song, stories, and prayer, and will listen to the sound of the Shofar over the waters.  The beautiful lake and fun playground makes this a perfect Rosh Hashana experience for children.

Tashlich is a beautiful lakeside ceremony in which we symbolically throw our misdeeds into the ocean and pray for a healthy and happy sweet new year. 

Short prayers will be recited in both Hebrew and English in this warm and spirited service. Honey cake will be served.

Please note - Tashlich can be done through the days of Repentance. While it is most commonly done in the early evening of the first day of Rosh Hashana, it can also be done on the second day.  We are holding our community Tashlich Service on the second day as services that morning are nearby the park at our Grace Park address.