The "Mensch Club" is Chabad's monthly men's social club.  Meetings will combine some learning, refreshments ( including L'chaim's) and socializing.

UPCOMING EVENTS (2022-2023):

Thursday Sept 15  - Durham Kosher Food Truck and Krafthouse

Note: postponed from Sept. 8th

Durham Kosher Food Truck and L'chaim (Duke)

Join us for a fun night out as we get a taste of the first Kosher Food truck in the area and have a l'chaim next door at the Krafthouse. We'll also shmooze about preparations and helping at the upcoming High holidays.  Open to the wider community!

The Food truck closes at 7:30 pm so allow time to arrive and get your food before then. Menu and info here. The truck is parked at 104 Union Drive, Durham. There is a parking lot a few minute walk away at the outdoor deck near the Bryant Center.

 RSVP at  [email protected]

Sunday Oct 9

Sukkah Build

Thursday Oct 13th

Scotch in the Sukkah

Nov 10th

Trivia Night

Dec 20th

Canes Game Chanukah

Jan 12th


Sunday Feb 12th

Superbowl Party

Thursday March 2nd




If you would like to host a men's club social at your house please email [email protected] 

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