It makes no difference if you see yourself as Reform, Conservative, Orthodox or unaffiliated.

At Chabad, we see you as Jewish. No labels. No differences. Chabad is a home for every Jew.

Some highlights of the High Holiday services with Chabad of Cary:

  • Outdoor Community Rosh Hashanah Dinner  
  • Hebrew/English prayer books provided 
  • Contemporary messages and insights by Rabbi Yisroel
  • Warm and friendly environment
  • Special children's program 
  • No membership required (though reservations are requested)

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Whether your background in Jewish prayer and practice is extensive or limited, the services will leave you feeling enriched, connected, uplifted and energized to start your New Year in a most meaningful way.

There is no mandatory seat charge, instead, we are – wholly – sustained by local free-will donations