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Reflections from the Annual Chabad Womens Conference in NY

Monday, 23 March, 2020 - 11:41 am

 Just got home from a beautiful weekend in NY/NJ thank G-d where I attended the Annual Chabad Womens Conference. Sitting at the Gala Banquet last night, the culmination of the weekend’s many workshops and sessions, with over 3,000 of my fellow Rebbitzins and lay leaders from (literally!) every corner of the globe, the emotion I felt most filled with was that of HOPE. Hope for our future. Hope for the world’s future. Hope that we really are working towards a time in which the world will be filled with great light, joy, and G-dliness. That amidst all the darkness and negativity that seem to engulf us, there is a tremendous and ever-increasing amount of powerful positive energy emanating into the world around us on a daily basis.

And it was an extra special kind of positive energy I felt last night in that room. It was so soft and so powerful all at once. It was the light of feminine energy. 3,000 empowered women sitting in one room, with one goal in mind: To recharge, re-inspire, and re-empower themselves to go back to their posts in every corner of the world to spread light, joy, and positivity. The light of Torah, Mitzvot, and Ahavat Yisroel- unconditional love and concern for a fellow Jew’s physical and spiritual wellbeing. And WOW! There were some pretty incredible stories shared on stage last night, portraying the self sacrifice and Ahavat Yisroel of Chabad emissaries and their lay leaders. I was left humbled, inspired, and above all, filled with HOPE.

It was in the merit of the righteous women that the Jewish people were redeemed from slavery in Egypt many years ago, and it will be in the merit of the women of our generation that we will be redeemed from the long, dark Exile in which we find ourselves today.

So dear women on this Whatsapp chat: Please know that each of you are part of a very powerful network of women. A network that is changing the world’s landscape; person by person, Mitzvah by Mitzvah. Add your precious Mitzvah to the ever growing beam of light that we women are working to project into the world. Each Mitzvah makes that beam a little brighter, and in effect, a world that is a little more luminous.

L’chayim to us women!!!!

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