Our History, Our Purpose

Ours is a place where Judaism is celebrated joyfully and meaningfully, where Judaism sheds relevant perspective to our daily lives 

It all began less some 13 years ago when Rabbi Aaron and Rebbetzin Leah Herman traveling from Raleigh to lead holiday programs in a Cary living room. It soon grew to the critical mass that allowed us to rent a meeting place and hold weekly Shabbat services.  It was not long before we grew to need a larger home.  This led us to our our Chabad House on Reedy Creek Road.

In 2010 Rabbi Yisroel and Rebbetzin Chana Cotlar moved to Cary and our growth entered a new phase.  They quickly started regular classes, social events, and our growing Hebrew School now has more than 50 children. We purchased land in a prime location in the Cary/Morrisville area and are in the interim are located in a beautiful storefront at 4104 Grace Park Drive in Morrisville.

Chabad of Cary is guided by the idea that there should be a place where everyone can feel at home, within a Jewish context. There should be a Center for Jewish discovery where open-minded exploration is the key, not background or affiliation. Indeed, there is no formal membership nor tickets on the High Holidays.

Knowledge of Hebrew is not required either. G‑d understands all languages.  We pray aloud in Hebrew, with some English.  Hebrew prayers with which you may not be familiar will be picked up quickly.  Prayer books are in Hebrew with either English, Spanish or Russian translations.  Learning and discussions are in English. 

Chabad of Cary is unlike congregations many of us have attended in the past.  At Chabad of Cary attendance is active rather than passive, with levels of involvement and participation that are striking.  The warmth of the inviting, welcoming atmosphere is palpable.  There is a word in Yiddish that is appropriate.  “Heimish” connotes a down-home atmosphere that is relaxed and unpretentious.

On Shabbat, lively discussions take the place of sermons.  We enjoy a good laugh.  We express the joy of Jewish souls in dance and song.  We always enjoy a good kiddush, share toasts of “L’Chaim” and take great pleasure in shared fellowship in a family atmosphere. 

Chabad of Cary must be experienced to be appreciated.  Consider this your invitation.